For Employees

Welcome to Arctool from Concordia Legal

We want to help you get what you are entitled to. If you have a temporary contract, you are entitled to a transition payment, an amount at the end of your contract, and your boss must give you timely notice if your contract is not extended, the notice period.

By no means every boss does this properly, and we can monitor this for you and claim it for you if necessary. If your boss does do this properly, we will check whether it is correct. We are your employment lawyer just for you, through smart technology, smartly deployed. We can do this for €17.50.


  1. Fill out the form once, that’s how we know enough to help you.
  2. Now the system knows when your current contract expires and you receive some specific questions. There is also a help service for simple employment law questions.
  3. The ARCtool monitors your labor law rights.
  4. If your boss gets really nasty and we have to threaten to go to court or even really go to court, we have help ready for that. We can’t do that for just €17.50, but the cost will always be less than profit and you don’t have to decide now. Let’s hope it won’t be necessary.

Ok, I want help

With the form below we know enough to get started and we will send an agreement (related to the processing of your personal data) and the invoice with a payment link. After payment, the monitoring and services begin.

I am having problems with my boss right now!

Ok, call on 020-2504559 and then we will see what is possible.